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Slimline Bunded Oil Tanks from 1000 to 1400 Litres are the most popular sizes for most households with a single boiler. The slimline tanks in this category are designed with compact dimensions. This allows access through garden gates, internal doors and narrow passageways.

All our Slimline Oil Tanks are compliant with current oil storage regulations for England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. So they are ideal for home heating oil (kerosene), gasohol, lube oil and diesel fuel.

Why a Slimline Oil Tank?

Plastic Bunded Oil Tanks have unfortunate downsides. For example, they are bulkier than their plastic, single skin, oil tank brothers. However, installing a Slimline Oil tank with a Plastic Single Skin is risky. Therefore, tanks with Slimline Bunded designs are much safer and will fit into the narrower gaps normally reserved for Steel Bunded Tanks. All* our Bunded Oil Storage Tanks come with 10 Years Warranty! And Double Skin Oil Tanks, in Plastic, will keep your garden Oil Free! and no doubt bring you peace of mind.

Slimline Fuel Tanks are popular and there’s a good reason why! After all, they’re easy to hide and we all know what an eyesore they can be! Grab one of our popular 1200 Litre Bunded or 1225 Litre Tanks and get yourself Ready for Winter!