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Double Skin ‘Pipe in Pipe’ Bunded Pipe Work for Fuel Oils

Posted 7th January 2019

Twin Walled Pipe, also known as pipe in pipe or bunded pipe work. Are becoming industry standard for underground petroleum, fuel oil and chemical pipework requirements. For example UPP from Franklin Fuelling is a HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe. Similarly both inner and outer pipes are made from HDPE to add extra protection to the environment. Certainly our qualified installation engineers, certified by Franklin Fuelling, can install the UPP pipework system. Above all it comes complete with leak detection capability and the highest levels of environmental protection.

Advantages to Bunded Pipe Work

Double wall, pipe in pipe manufactured in HDPE has many advantages over the traditional stainless steel pipe with mechanical joints. And these include:

  • Longer coil lengths (up to 100m) allows for less joints. It also allows for sweeping bends – again less joints

  • bunded pipe

    Less joints mean less points of failure in piping systems and a more reliable fuel system!

  • Electro-fusion welding ‘Gemini System’ for fast installation & strong assemblies which allows direct burial with no need for inspection chambers.

  • HDPE is corrosion resistant

  • Integral EVOH liner gives great chemical compatibility for hydrocarbon and alcohol based fuels.

  • Smooth bore gives low resistances for efficient pumping.

  • Unique system brings unmatched resistance to ground movement.

  • ‘Over Pressure’ leak detection for the highest levels of environmental protection and monitoring.

Fuel Delivery

The primary pipe allows for the safe transport of fuel within the fuel delivery system. So the principle function of this is to connect the heating oil tank to the dispensing pumps or appliances. Consequently the flexible pipe and fittings allow for curves and gradual bends to your storage tank. However we have Tee fittings and elbows for branching the pipe. The continuous secondary outer allow an over pressure leak detection system to be used. This provides the ultimate in environmental protection and monitoring standards.  Please contact us on 01722 714514. Or use our contact page to make an enquiry.


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