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Diesel Fuel Management for Busy Yardmen

Posted 7th January 2019

Our Clients have over 30 vehicles and drivers drawing diesel from their yard tank at J K Recovery in Leighton Buzzard. They needed a Fuel Management system to replace their paper copies. Firstly the stock control was relying on each driver filling in a paper sheet with name, date, time, reg number and the number of litres pumped out into the vehicle. Secondly they would pass it on to the book keeping department, if the paper copy survived! When the operation director at J K Recovery contacted Tank Services. Immediately we were keen to provide a cost effective solution. Meeting the needs of a busy recovery yard, with drivers coming and going at all hours, was a compelling challenge.


The basic requirements are to be able to automate the recording of each fuel transaction. J K Recovery wants to record some simple data. This includes the driver name, reg number, time and date, quantity of diesel delivered and mileage.Fuel Management

Fuel Management Solution

The existing diesel transfer pump and tank were perfectly serviceable although the flow meter had stopped working! The proposal we agreed on was to install a ‘Piusi MC Box” integrated fuel management system. Because this can connect to a pulse output flow meter with a data transfer key. It also includes software for the office computer. As this system uses magnetic keys programmed to ID each driver by reg number. So when the key touches the MC Box, the system allows the dispensing of fuel. It will record the date, time and fuel quantity delivered. It will also record mileage and drivers name if needed. Once a month the office computer downloads the data which then reconcile against the deliveries made to the tank. The data is exported to a spreadsheet where they calculate the average miles per gallon. This helps them keep track of each vehicle’s performance.


J K Recovery have been using the fuel management system for several months now. Both the drivers and administration appreciate the simplicity. No more paper records and sheets to forget or lose. The admin staff get the data they need directly to their PC to keep a careful eye on the fuel tank, vehicle performance and mileage travelled.


The whole system install is easy to complete with very little down time. Therefore, the fuel dispensing pump is back up and running fast and we can complete the included demonstration and system training in a day.

Do you have a need of fuel management equipment for a new or existing installation? Please feel free to contact us on 01722 714514 with a brief description and let us find you the best option.


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